Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is responsible for the Corporate Governance of the Company.  Corporate Governance is the control of the business by the Directors, and accountability of the Directors to shareholders and other stakeholders for the performance and conduct of the Company and the Company’s compliance with laws, standards and codes of practice.

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About the Board

The board of directors of Pyne Gould Corporation is elected by shareholders to direct and supervise the management of the Company.  The board establishes the Company’s objectives, strategies and overall policy framework within which the business is conducted.

The day to day management of the company is delegated to the Managing Director.  The board monitors and reviews management’s performance in carrying out this delegation.

The board has put in place a formal performance assessment procedure to assist it in ensuring that it has the right composition and appropriate skills, qualifications, experience and background to effectively govern the Company and monitor performance in the interests of its shareholders.  This procedure involves a review of the board, board committees and individual director performance on an annual basis.

The current members of the board of directors are George Kerr (Managing Director), Russell Naylor (Director), Michelle Smith (Independant Director), Paul Dudley (Independant Director), and Noel Kirkwood (Director).